Wednesday, January 3, 2007

"You're in time for the show..."

* a line from "The Sharpest Lives" by My Chemical Romance

I do so love writing while listening to music. Maybe that's part of why the newest story has me stuck. This album was a big part of my process while writing the end of Book B, but I haven't found something new to help me switch gears to the new story. I just end up listening to one cd then another then another, never finding the right mood music. It's an interesting thing. I know not all people can write with a lot of noise, and I do tend to get distracted if I ca hear other people's televisions and their conversations, but the right music and my fingers fly across the keyboard.

So I shut down the computer yesterday thinking I'd work on new pages today. Buy the time I was lying in bed, I wanted to rewrite an older story. So I need to amend what I said yesterday. I am not entirely averse to rewriting. I don't like to if I've written three or more chapters, but about 20-40 pages and I'm okay with it. This one happens to be about 20 pages single-spaced, if I remember correctly. I started it not knowing where it was going to go, but I know the characters better now, and I have a firmer grasp on the plot, so I think a rewrite would benefit me and the story.

And then I wake up this morning and recall that it's Wednesday, so my sister and I meet up with a writer's group this evening. which means editing chapter 10 of Book B takes precedence, especially because it grabbed hold in my head and the choice in music helped it to usurp my concentration. So I'm doing that today, as well as working on my admissions material.

I'm trying to get into the English graduate program at my nearby college. They have a creative writing concentration. Mostly, I want to do it to work with some professors I really liked when I went there for my undergraduate years. I hope I get in. I'm using the first chapter of Book B for my writing sample.

...I'm done now. I guess I'll leave you with the last line of that song:

"And you can leave like the sane abandoned me."

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