Friday, January 12, 2007

Blame the One-Armed Man

Job-searching yesterday, so I was MIA from the computer. Written Wyrdd said she writes drafts and posts them over time. I started a draft (not done yet), but I like the idea. For some reason my mind seems to think it's strange, writing an article/essay/blog post not intending to use it right away. Because I'm the same way when I consider writing articles to submit to magazines or websites and the like. Give me a topic and a deadline and I'm good. Write it up and post it immediately (to the point of bypassing a Word doc.) and I'm good. Give me the option to write it up and then wait before seeing it in print/in use, and my mind balks a little.

Very much the "Buh wha--?" reaction.

My brain doesn't always get why the rest of me does something.

It is the second January in 2007. Just shy of the two week point.

Sooo...writing stuff. In a couple of online journals, I've come across writers keeping track (perhaps as a resolution, perhaps 'just because') of their new page count, total page count, new word count for the day, total word count, and details like that. As messy as I am, and a bit of a 'write by the seat of my pants' (another disliked, but now engrained phrase) kinda gal, I like lists. Actually, I love lists. I love little objects and filing systems that can keep me organized. My dad brought me some stiff pale green manilla folder-like folders and I love them, because they're sturdy enough to write on and have plenty of space (I can fit my whole manuscript in one).

Point being, this appeals to me. Usually, when I am writing (still on break right now) I will note the word count of new stuff for that day ~somewhere~, occasionally adding those other details about what the total is for the whole thing. So I may try to note all that in a systematic way (with bold subtitles and all, how keen is that?).

Yes, I know I'm dork. I have a black leather wrist cuff that says so, literally. I'm happily resigned to it (actually, I think I'm happiest when the writing is flowing or I'm giving in to my dorkitude).

At the tailend of my job-searching adventure, I swung by my neighborhood Wal-Mart and scavenged through the scraps of fabrics. Some of those are not tiny scraps at all. I picked up a green leaf print, a pale pale blue, a dark brown with aquamarine dots (small and spaced pretty wide apart so it wasn't too much) and a black fabric with leprechaun and luck symbols (four-leaf clovers, a pipe, horse shoes, etc.). Have no idea what I'll do with any of them, but I just couldn't pass them up. Then I went to the library and got far too many books, most of them research for the writing, that I had to drag home, walking.

Also, my mother is baking brownies. We now have warm gooey brownies and a frosted carrot cake available. The smell is intoxicating.


writtenwyrdd said...

Hah! Watch that fabric collecting or you will soon have an entire room dedicated to craft supply storage!

Okay, to be fair, there are about fifteen different hobbies stored in the Spare Ooom. But the fabric dominates: Ten tubs of fabric. Enough for maybe twenty, even thirty quilts.

Be ye warned! Argh!

Keep on blogging. It makes you feel productive even when you aren't.

Sabrina said...

Oh, if only I had enough space in my house for a whole room devoted to craft supplies! As it is, I have a miniscule corner of my bedroom dedicated to my bag 'o fabric, a small, green crate of yarn, an easter basket filled with paint and my easel, with sketchbooks and pencils scattered throughout the room.

That's my goal, to one day have enough money that I can buy a house with an extra room just for my craft/art stuff.

I have yet to type a single word for any story today (though I did take some notes), but having started two blog drafts this morning, I -do- feel productive. Thanks for the encouragement.