Sunday, December 31, 2006

Not so long ago, in a place not so far away...

...There lived a girl who clearly had (obsessive) issues with the opening lines of fairytales. ~shrugs~ But what can you do?

So this is the first item on my list of resolutions that I can cross off. See? Going for the more realistic approach to New Year's resolutions this time around. For a few months now, I've been lurking various agents', editors' and other writers' blogspots, be they funny, informative, or both. (I am an expert lurker, but not in any kind of creepy way.) Although I have another, personal blog, creating my own blog here seemed like a good idea.

(I was thinking I'd wait until midnight, but I do have some plans tonight, so early it is.)

Mostly, I'll be focusing on writing-related topics--on the boring side of things, my own progress in writing as I finish stories, edit them, and screw up my courage to send out query letters. I've found a lot of useful information from other sites and blogs. So on the perhaps less-than-boring end of the spectrum, I'll try to include posts about query letters, synopses, editing, etc. All the stuff I picked up from other writers, people in the industry and my writing group, and hopefully helping out other writers with a little piece of information they hadn't known before. I won't swear to accuracy, but I hope I can do something to help someone else. (I've never watched the movie, but the phrase, "pay it forward" comes to mind.) And if I'm lucky, my own particular brand of quirky sarcasm will come through (it's hit and miss when it comes in text).

As you can see, I'm overly fond of the parentheses. No worries, I avoid it in my fiction writing.

Which creates a lovely handy segue to my last intended topic for my first post. That being a run-down of Sabrina the Writer (versus Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which I got a lot of in intermediate and high school).

I've gradauted college, with a BA in English and another in Psychology. In those four years, I finished a novel I began in high school with a friend. That I guess will be Book A until I feel like naming it. A few weeks after graduation, I started Book B, which is completely unrelated to Book A. Book B's first draft is done now, and I'm editing it like a maniac while working on the first few chapters of Book C. Again, unrelated to Book A or B. Well, they're all fantasies, but you know what I mean. I've put off doing the revision of Book A that I know it needs, probably because I dread looking at it and seeing how juvenile it still sounds, as even in the span of a year, I know my writing has matured quite a bit since I wrote it.

I have inklings of second and third books for all three of the ones that have been completed, and I want to develop those ideas (especially for the latter two), but my biggest goal right now is to revise Book B and then start querying agents. So you'll get to watch my progress through editing one novel, writing new pages on another and hopefully getting published one day.