Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I have a Beatles song floating around in my brain

I forgot to mention this earlier.

On Paperback Writer's blog, there is this post, which I found via Miss Snark (I do believe).

It is funny. Read it and enjoy.

And then watch out for ninja agents rappelling from the rooftops.

Also, coming soon: Additional links to blogs by Patricia Wood, Holly Kennedy, Nadia Cornier, Jennifer Jackson, The Rejecter, and anyone else on my favorites list under Writing Blogs that I haven't included yet.

Neat words I just found as I opened my dictionary to double-check my spelling of rappel (I'd missed a 'p'):

purfle: 1. to decorate the border of 2. to adorn or edge with metallic thread, beads, lace, etc. --n. an ornamental border or trimming, as an inlaid border of a violin.

Then, while looking for purfle to type up this:

pyrexia: same as FEVER, from the Greek pyrexis, feverish-ness <>

putamen: the hard stone, or endocarp, of certain fruits, as of the peach and the plum, or the shell of a nut.

Make of all that what you will.


ORION said...

Hmmm... a bench across from a bookstore...
My husband graduated Kailua high.
I love your words.

Sabrina said...

Mililani actually, there are benches set up all over the place. One is right in front of the Borders Express, but your back would be to it, then there's another across the walk area, so you could face the bookstore.

Heh. Mostly I noticed those words because they were at the top of the pages, but they are interesting.