Thursday, January 18, 2007

Quandary, what a fun word

Not an existential quandary, though, as Weird Al Yankovic may prefer.

I feel that I am in a strange position in terms of editing. I have brought up to the first half of chapter 11 to my writing group. And plan to bring the rest to them over the weeks (a whole chapter seems too much for most of the members, so I tend to bring half each week).

Part of me wants to do a big read-through (cover-to-cover) looking for the big changes--i.e. add a scene here change this big detail there--but I feel like I shoukd wait until I've finished bringing the pages to the group. I'm at this odd stage where I have to tell them, "Oh, you know this detail. I know it seems like it's coming out of the blue, but go with me here. I did it on purpose and I know I need to develop that point more early on," because when I started bringing pages I hadn't yet finished the first draft, so in these later chapters (written while they read the early chapters), I've already incorporated suggestions they made around chapter 3 or 4.

I guess I'm just a little concerned that the big changes in the read-through will affect the chapters I bring to group, and it'll get confusing for them.

But since the writing is stalled, for the most part, I want to do something productive and editing seems like the answer.

Some of this is due to the peculiar way my brain works, my writerly eccentricities, but I suppose I'll have to see where I stand at the end of today and go from there.

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