Wednesday, January 10, 2007


So I've started, finally, with the side bar o' links.

First up, links to blogs by writers, some whose work I've read, others whose blog I stumbled across in my internet meandering (and boy, do I ever meander). It is incomplete. I'll add more soon.

Soon to come, a list of links to agents' and editors' blogs. (Is it an unspoken rule that writing blogs require a link to Miss Snark? ~grins~)

I might add a third list of websites that caught my fancy, possibly including writer websites, whether they have a blog or not.

Also, although this'll go up next to Jenny Rappaport's link when I do the second list (I may very well start it today, why not?) will be Lori Perkin's new blog. She also started it as a new year's resolutions, and we humble writers get a nice look at an agent with 20 years of experience and perspective on this crazy biz called publishing. (Too much? Maybe. Oh well. It's my mood.)

This has been your friendly neighborhood blogger with an update.

Note: The 'linkage' part of my labels should be read as if you were Paulie Shore. A continuation of the imitation is no fault of mine. So I disclaim.

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