Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Noises in the afternoon

I am a dork.

I say this because I -do- look up words in the dictionary for fun (and because years and years ago I would ask my older sister how to spell something and her response was always 'go look in the dictionary,' which I greatly disliked her for back then, but I forgive her now), but also because I love the sound of my nails clacking on the keyboard as I type. I think if I got a laptop one day, I would find it a very strange difference, because the keys are flatter and not inclined to that lovely sound.

Which also means, of course, that I love my typewriter, despite the fact that I don't really use it much anymore. I did once a few weeks before Christmas, to type up a list of some sort, but not for months (possibly years, ~wince~) before then. It's nice for a quick note when my computer is turned off. Irksome only just begins to describe my feelings when my lovable, but old and slow, computer takes forever to boot up.

So, basing this on that fact that a noise I imagine most people find tedious and irritating (not as bad as nails on a chalkboard, but I don't type at night anymore because I worry the loudness of the hard clacks might wake people up who have to get up early for work) is one I enjoy a great deal, I have to say I am not a fan of the sound of my printer. It goes through this whole rigamarolle (sp?) when it's first turned on, and it's a Z22 and also slow, so I get to hear the sound of the actual printing for hours.

And I do not exaggerate the hours, because I just finished printing the second half of Book B. Space and a half instead of double-spaced and it's still 250 pages or so, without starting each chapter on a new page (the less ink and paper used up, the better). And while I didn't time it, it took a while. And the first half was even longer, because it was set for normal rather than high speed.

That is why headphones are my friend. Drowns out the noise of the dreadful printer (~knocks on wood~ 'cause goodness knows, as soon as I say that, it'll break down), but I can still hear my typing.

I think I like the sound of typing on my keyboard, because even if I don't type a word of a story, I still feel productive.

Totally off-topic, but a fun coincidence: Yesterday, my older sister sent me a link to a funny commercial starring Bruce Campbell (who is the awesomest B-movie actor, eva!) from Ain't It Cool News. The commercial was quite enjoyable and there was a little teaser trailer on the side bar for this movie called Pan's Labyrinth. I had never heard of it before, but darned it I wasn't intrgiued. So I find a link to the movie's website (because I went to another page on AICN and lost the teaser) and visit it. First, they have music playing, which you can turn off if you want to. But it was nice music. I liked it. Second, the movie itself, unfortunately only playing in select cities, of which my town is not, unless it's just painfully under-advertised, is a dark fairytale set shortly after the Spanish civil war.

The coincidence part? After seeing that little teaser and finding the website, just before shutting down my computer that same day, I see the movie and its director (Guillermo del Toro) mentioned on Neil Gaiman's journal. Then, computer off and late enough that I'm about to turn off the TV for the day, I see a commercial for it. And then I kinda thought the guy in the commerical after (for some music device or phone) might also be one of the actor's in the film I just saw the commercial for. I won't swear to the last, because in the film he's wearing a lot of make-up and costuming, but there were similarities.

So that was my fun day of coincidences yesterday, and I hope this film comes to Hawaii, because I want to watch it. (And whenever I use the word coincidence, or even think it, I picture the Gilda Radner comedy bit with the priest: "Coincidenza? I think not.")

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