Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Life of a Grad Student

It's almost 1 in the morning, I am eating chocolate chip and cherry cookies that I baked earlier today and working on the first paper of three that is due this semester.

The key is that it must be anarcho-scholastic, utilizing both an academic and creative structure, blending the two in form and content. I'm working off of a desire to play with marginalia (incorporating the notes I'd scribbled in the margins into the body of the work) and letting the writing itself flow naturally.

Some students may be more inclined to the all-nighters, but I've never been good at them. Actually, my paper isn't due until Wednesday, but I work that day and I'd rather not put four hours on the bus on top of 5+ hours at work. So I'm doing most of the last of it now, but I think I'll leave the very last of it for tomorrow. My eyes are starting to get strained. (That's really my problem, not that I get so sleepy, though I do sometimes, but my eyes start to hurt and I can't read anything anymore).

I just thought I'd drop a line and say hello to all the people out there whose brains aren't turning into mush like my occasionally feels like it's doing (as evidenced by all the awkward phrasing).