Saturday, January 13, 2007

Weekend post, bwuh wha--?

I am in a strangely good mood, in as much as I am willing to let my inherent dorkitude, geekdom (call it what you will) shine through in real life.


Scrolling through the blog, I noticed--in the way that a person already knows something about his/herself, but is suddenly confronted with it and it almost seems like they're ralizing it for the first time--that I talk/write a lot. Probably way more than I need to.

I blame this on giving in to the temptation of tangents and switching to a different topic within one blog post.

To spare my readers, I'll try to keep it one post per topic. That's what Word is for anyway, so I can cut out the rambling bits and paste them in a Word doc marked draft (because i wouldn't remember it if it was here).

That said, I am off to write. I think (yes, I'm switching topics already, but obviously, this is an exception as the first topic was short) the reason I was stuck, or at least part of it, is that my brain is still entangled with the other characters from the story whose first draft I just finished. Maybe I'll be ready to edit that soon, but for today, I'll try my hand at the next book in that world. I'll leave Book C for later, as the story develops in my head. We'll see how that goes.

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