Saturday, December 13, 2008

More updatey-ness

The 20-page paper was done on time, and turned in early Friday afternoon. The novella was officially due Friday by midnight, but she said people could post the final as late as Monday. I completed it last night, then did revisions this morning. I posted it around 2 this afternoon. Final page count= 74 double-spaced pages in Times New Roman.

All that's left is the Old English final on Tuesday.

In other news: It's raining like crazy in Hawai'i. And because of that (and also perhaps the fact that I didn't go to bed until 3/3:30 last night and the night before) the day has fled from me. I looked up and it was the afternoon.

It's dark outside.

Okay, more studying and then my weeks will be filled with novel-writing. (I can totally write another 64,000 words or more before January 12. No problem.)

(Why yes, Virginia, that is sarcasm.)

Truly, that's my goal. After the final, after a day or two to hang out with friends I haven't seen much lately, and excluding Christmas and New Year's days, that will be life fo the next three weeks.

Wish me luck.

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