Friday, September 9, 2011

August disappeared, but hey, what about books?

With all the Borders closing, I am beyond irked and upset by their lack (in so many ways). I'm pretty sure this weekend will be the last for the Borders left on the island (the Waikele location closed earlier due to a different reason).

Without Borders, there will be two B&N left on Oahu, neither anywhere close to where I live.

So I get to thinking. I reach under the metaphorical bed for a dusty box I remember but haven't thought of for years. I dust it off, smile at the corner of a picture poking out from under the lid like a tongue, then I open it and rifle through the old, younger dreams of a me gone cynical and tired.

Is it so out of the realm of possibility and success to even vaguely consider in any whimsical, hypothetical way, that I might have the skills and resources to open a small bookstore nearby and in some way fill a tiny part of the footprint left behind Borders' departure?

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JenniferWriter said...

You could totally do it, Sabrina!! After working in a bookshop myself I've learned that if you can live by breaking even, then you can open the shop. If you NEED to make a profit, it might not work. Also, if you offer great service (which of course you would), then if you're only open part time to allow for your other job, then they will be okay with that too. Especially if you opened a niche store. Yes!!!