Thursday, November 4, 2010

Three weeks, really Sabrina!?

I scold myself, I really do. I feel like I've hardly been on my computer in this time, let alone thought about blogging. Even now this must be short because there is other work glaring at me and tapping its foot impatiently.

Long story short, work is eating my brain.

But I was thinking about NaNo (National Novel Writing Month--and why does my hand stay on shift key with I type the abbreviation, so it comes out NaNO?), and although I haven't signed up on the official website, and don't intend to, I was thinking of using it as a chance to write again.

I've been distracted and busy and have plenty of excuses that can get more obscure, entertaining and convoluted if I had the time, but I figured I'd drop in really quick and ask my readers:

What do you do when you're so busy, it feels like there's no time to write, and in the free time you do have, you're so tired even watching t.v. is too much effort?

This is what I've been asking myself lately without an answer to grab onto floating by (along with "Why don't recovering perfectionists have support groups or well known methods of changing both the behavior and the thinking?"). Any ideas?


JenniferWriter said...

I definitely don't have any suggestions for how to fix being a perfectionist since I suffer from it myself.

As for NaNo, I think you should sign up! I mean, it's free. You could set your own goal and in your "novel info" section, you could explain that you're shooting for a lower word count or whatever you want to shoot for. Then people like *ME* could send you NaNo messages such as "great job on writing last night! I see your word count went up." Or something like that.

Think about it!

PS I miss your regular posts! Hang in there!

Sabrina said...

No one seems to think being a perfectionist is all that bad, but for me, it was really stressful growing up. I felt like I couldn't complain because others thought it wasn't a bad thing. I wasn't getting yelled at, so what was the problem? But nowadays, I still struggle because I've mostly changed the thinking ("It's okay if it's not perfect"), but still have the behaviors of "gotta be the best, gotta be on top of everything, can't let anyone down."

I'd forget to update things on the NaNo site most likely, but I have determined to post my daily word counts here, a very visible place to hold myself accountable. I'd love the encouragement. And good luck for you, too. I know it'll turn out great!