Monday, August 16, 2010

Sharing a Contest

Writtenwyrdd is having another contest on her blog, which is generally an informative and fun place to be, so a contest is just pomegranate molasses in your chocoloate chip cookie (trust me, it's delicious).

Anyway...(tangent, where? Me? nah.) Here is the link to the contest. Last time, her prizes included aplush Cthulhu. This time she's offering a Bobble Head Buddy Jesus (yep, from Dogma), a Nunzilla, "Steampunk" an anthology (which I am enthused about), and possibly some art from writtenwyrdd herself.

Note: The deadline is the 22nd of August. [Sso I am not terribly behind in missing this, you have until Sunday.]

Go forth and write my minions!...Uh, I mean, readers. Happy writing.

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