Thursday, November 5, 2009

Honest, I didn't mean to disappear so soon for so long

I thought, "My self-imposed 'blog once a day for a month' is over, I'll take a few days off. Why, the first is even a Sunday, when I'm rarely on the computer anyway.' Five days later...

I ended up hitting one of those ugly walls of uncertainty, questioning a lot of things and generally feeling kind of junk. I opened up in more detail on my personal journal, and was reminded how great some of my friends are. I received some wonderful lines from a fellow writer, and an artist friend pointed me to this YouTube video:

Ira Glass on Storytelling

(Sorry, I'm trying to copy and paste the embedding link, but it doesn't want to cooperate.)

This was a great motivator.

And then I revisited Jeffrey Thomas' Portfolio, with the twisted Disney Princesses, such as a creepy Sleeping Beauty. Just the look of it just makes me want to write about a serial killer who kills in their sleep. (Not like a sleepwalker, but cursed or somehow self-induced, so people think there's no way it's Person X, they're always asleep during the murder.')

Isn't that a great painting? Super creepy. And some of the details on these are interesting (the books next to Alice, for one, but I won't say more because I like the thrill of discovery and hope you do, too). Seeing these, coupled with the encourgagement of friends, just makes me excited to write. It doesn't matter how discouraged I can get, I'll never stop writing.


jjdebenedictis said...

Just the look of it just makes me want to write about a serial killer who kills in their sleep.

I read of a real life case where a man was acquitted of rape because it happened while he was sleep.

I think in the same article, they mentioned a woman who found out she was leaving her house and having unprotected sex with strangers while she was asleep.

Plenty of good story material there; a person's psyche can be a pretty scary place.

Sabrina said...

Oy, the repetition of 'just.' :P

I hadn't heard of those cases, but they're interesting. I may need to look them up. And I definitely agree--one's psyche can be very scary.

Ooo, my writey-senses are tingling.

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