Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A month later...

Well, I finished the hard copy edits, and have reached the point where those changes are being made on the Word doc file.

Still slow-going and occasionally frustrating--because of the hard copy I used, which does not exactly match the computer copy, and because sometimes I still didn't -what- change to make--but I am make headway. I hope to finish before August, or by the start of August.

That means, of course, that I can't do what I did yesterday very often. Which was, of course, to avoid my computer completely and read all day. ~grins~ But I did enjoy the book. I read volume I of the Chrestomanci omnibi on Monday, editing in between the two books therein. Yesterday, I decided to read both books (a longer volume II compared to the first) and not work on the novel. I enjoyed it (especially since I doubt I'd have gotten much done in this heat).

I'm eager to keep reading. I have this long list, somewhat of a wishlist, of books I want to get through this summer. I don't think I can manage all of them, but I've already made some headway (compared to those months when I can't seem to read anything, even for fun). Besides the other two Chrestomanci I need to look for now, I was given a C.S. Friedman trilogy for graduation, starting with Black Sun Rising. I'm working my way through the Oz books (currently on #9 of 14), plus would like to finish the Crown of Stars series, which I got stuck on in the very middle of it.

Which brings to mind this post by Kate Elliott, "The Unreadability Logjam." I am not the only one who gets stuck with this unreadability feeling. Elliott solved it with with reading a nonfiction book about a "fascinating" character in history. I may try that next time, with the researchy books. Luckily, I'm not going through that right now. ~grins again~ But unluckily, it means calling upon that greater reserve of self-discipline. I know it's here somewhere. Maybe it fell under the bed.


Victoria Dixon said...

Hello, Sabrina. I saw your note on Justine Labalastier's page and I wanted to applaud you using a non-caucasian in your book. My novel's set in ancient China and I've already had one agent tell me he isn't interested in Asian settings. I hope that's a personal preference, like my distaste for North American settings. I'd hate to think it was racially related because that agent is someone I otherwise admire. Anyway, if you're interested, drop by http://ronempress.blogspot and give me a shout. I'm usually up. :)

Sabrina said...

Wow. Thank you, Victoria.

I lurk often on Justine's blog, but this issue got me to comment. With so many agents and publishers saying they want new and different stories, why shirk a protagonist or setting that could draw in more readers?

I, too, hope that was just one agent's personal preference (or faulty business sense, 'it won't sell,' ugh). Good luck finding an agent.

Victoria Dixon said...

Thanks! I appreciate the sentiment!