Friday, June 12, 2009

Nathan Bransford Linkage

A swing by Writtenwyrdd's blog reminded me, I wanted to share a particular link. When I swung by agent Nathan Bransford's blog, I saw another link to share.

The latter is actually a post of links. "Writing Advice Database" lists a ton of Bransford's past posts regarding writing, broken down into sub-headings like "The Writing Process" "Revising" and "Genres and Classification." The last heading being, enjoyably, "Staying Sane During the Writing/Publishing Process." Because we all need help with that sometimes, don't we?

The other post, which I originally wanted to mention was, "Revision Checklist." I know when I write a story, I'll read writing books beforehand, and sometimes after, but when I'm in the thick of things, writing or editing, I don't always consciously think about what I should be looking for. I found this post, which is a list of questions to keep in mind when revising, easy to understand and something that I think will be rather helpful to me. Mostly as something I can write out or print and keep near at hand, perhaps to glance at when I know something isn't working in a scene, but I can't figure out what. I thought it might helps others as well.

In fact, the post in between these two is on how one knows when one is done editing, with Bransford asking for answers to that question in the comments section.

These are strangely well-timed, for me at least, as if Mr. Bransford somehow knows I'm diving into editing two novels. (Is he psychic? Are all agents?) ;)

Anyway, maybe these posts will help others. Happy writing.

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