Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update: Taste like Pomegranate

Today I translated the last 125 lines of Beowulf, a 3182-line poem in Old English. One of my classmates thinks we should write our professor evaluations in Old English. I totally get a kick out of the thought, but I don't know if I have the time, since perhaps my weakest area (besides the bloody grammar--darn you dative and accusative cases!) is memorizing the vocabulary.

We'll see. I'm working on my ten-page "What I would write on had I more time" paper for Beowulf. And slogging through it, too. I just can't seem to keep my attention on it. But that done, I'll only have to worry about the final next Wednesday and my work at UH is complete.

I graduate--black gown, cap and fancy-schmancy hood--on May 16. Part of me is giddy and squeeing in relief and excitement. I'll be the first one on either side of the family (as far as I know and at least for immediate family) to get a Master's degree. The other part is terrified. I'm taking the summer to focus on querying agents and making my work the best it can be. I won't have the excuse of school or a job taking up so much time that I can't edit. And it is an excuse. After this summer, I start looking for a day job (hence the terror, I have no idea what I want to do or where I want to work, besides writing novels), and at that point, I will work and write and can just shut my cake-hole about being too tired.

I can be kind of mean to myself. ~shrugs~

But the Hounds book has been done, HS is now done and needs an overhaul in one area that will affect the whole book, I have a high fantasy parody/travel narrative complete for my other class, and just finished a short story (self-contained, new characters, and none of them are clamouring for something longer right now, a first!), which is with a few beta readers right now and then goes off on submission for an anthology. I am excited, but trying to keep it to a minimum since I haven't even sent it in yet.

We'll have to see how it goes.

Right then, the women of Beowulf beckon, and the gabby bunch.


writtenwyrdd said...

Congratulations on the hard slog to graduation! That's a big hurdle!

Now, as for permanent employment, my personal experience was that I got locked into what I did after school because the more experience I had, the more I got paid and the more difficult to afford a change. So I spent fifteen years about in administrative jobs I really didn't like nor enjoy.

So try and land a job in some field you like. and good luck with the writing this summer!

Sabrina said...

Thanks for the congrats. I don't think it'll actually hit me until I'm wearing my cap and gown. Right now it still seems a bit surreal.

Work--I just don't know what field outside of writing/publishing I want. Maybe part of my goals this summer will be to figure that out. :)