Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So sleepy, darn these morning schedules

I'm a night person, really I am. But I live with people who are, due to jobs and school, day people, and since getting a job, I must also wake up at a reasonable hour. And then I'm on my feet for at least four hours six days out of seven (yesterday was eight hours, and tomorrow will be seven--we have no chairs for employees). So the fact that it's 9:30 p.m. right now and I'm on the computer does not bode well. I'm already yawning, and even though I may be awake until 11 p.m. or midnight, working on the computer requires a functioning brain, which watching TV and reading manga does not.

Anyhoodles, I'm just about to edit five pages for my writer's group tomorrow. I won't have time to do it later because of my hours. In terms of the whole manuscript (I am behind my new year resolution goal), I'm on page 101. It really does a number on the flow when I'm working on editing a select few pages from chapters 12 or 13 (where I'm at with the group), and then trying to switch gears and look at stuff from chapter 7. I feel like "Wait a minute, I was just looking at this stuff, haven't I edited it already?"

It feels too familiar, although I haven't looked at that chunk for months. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, though I'm inclined to think the latter since I've been stuck on the past couple of pages for a while now. I just need to buckle down (even on one day off) and take the whole day to read through the manuscript. I'm trying to read for flow and pace, which is difficult when I allow myself to stop after only two or three pages. I think I justify it by saying, "Two or three pages better than nothing."

So I'm off, and I hope all of you are writing and having fun as you write. Happy writing.


writtenwyrdd said...

Familiarity might be a problem for you, depending on your style. But I think your being tired is the biggest problem!

Well, now that you have joined teh rest of we working slobs in the narrowed window of writing opportunity, I hope you can keep your momentum!

Sabrina said...

Well, I'm on page 114 with the editing, still don't feel like I'm getting enough, but edited an additional 11 pages later in the book for my writers group. So momentum is slower than before I was working, but picking up since I started working. I feel the inklings of a new story as well, which is promising in some ways, but frustrating in other ways, as I've already have a new story started, plans for a book 2 of the one I'm editing and still trying to edit this one. So I guess we'll see how it all goes. heh.