Monday, June 3, 2013

Booklovers Not-So Anonymous

Hello, my name is Sabrina and I am addicted to books.

I was sent this link a week or so back, read it, loved it, lost it, and found it again. Then I thought "It's been ages since I updated "CoffeeQuill." The two have come together to this post.

How many of these signs have you come across (read: lived)?

25 Signs You're Addicted to Books

For me, there's 8 and 9, sooooo much!

8. A 'dream home' is one filled with books. I mean filled! And a fun weekend involves reorganizing your bookshelves--I will post a photo one day.

9. "Walking by a closed bookstore is torture," and you can't go in without buying something.

Add to this, walking past a storefront that used to be a bookstore. I still miss Borders.

#9 also states that you develop crushes based on bookstore employee's recommendations and staff picks, and while I have never crushed on someone for that, I have literally thought "I would like to meet this person and befriend them." It's also how I met one of my best friends. He was reading Anansi Boys the first day of our first class in the MA English program. I sat next to him and knew he would be friends, at the very least.

13 and 15 are concerns, though I do pretty well reining 13 in on the few occasions I travel, though there's always one or two books, sometimes a kindle, in my work or weekend bag.

15 gets bad, though. It's not so much a stack on the nightstand, but beside the bed, and it never really goes away, just shifts around the room.

Anyway, how about you, fellow book addicts?