Friday, March 8, 2013

Follow the Trail

Sometimes I find myself visiting a website that takes me from one page to another, which leads me to another site, then another, and another, until I reach the point I could not have predicted I would have ended up where I did.

Sometimes, the path is very short. A visit to facebook, to a friend's page, to Terry Windling's blog, and to this wonderful artist, Rune Guneriussen.

This is Gravitational Force, by Guneriussen.

There is a whole series of photos of lamps in a forest, on the surface of a lake, crossing a stream, "walking" along a path through the trees. This particular photo made me think these lamps were looking for something, a search party. But of what?

This is Second System of Ethics.

It looks like a tower. Sturdy, even though it sits in the midst of a stream. Everything bends towards it.

I just had to share. Inspiration can follow the path to you on any day.