Thursday, February 19, 2009

Drive-by posting

I should be editing. I am editing, in fact. Really. Just not at this particular moment. Things are loud at home and I am easily distracted by teh internet. But I hadn't posted here for a while, so an update:

I finished the first of HS on February 10, a day after my brother's birthday. It was a little over 90,000.

The final copy goes to my MA thesis committee on Monday and I've been reading through it editing since the 10th/11th.

There are a lot of subplots, some of which don't need to be developed so much, while at least one needs a major tweaking.

The first chapter has also come into question, because one of my readers thinks nothing happens until the escape, so why not start with the escape scene. But I want a little bit of set-up, showing the reader what the character's life is like before the appearance of werewolves and gods throws it around helter-skelter. Also, dropping the whole chapter might be too big a change for right now, so I'm editing it, making the few things that do happen a little bigger, more memorable, more noticeable, and hoping that that will improve it for the sake of the committee.

It is slow-going work, and mind-consuming. Expect more after Monday, well, let's make it Thursday, because after turning the thesis in, I have a couple hundred lines of translation to worry about.

See you on the other side.
Happy Writing,